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Are you looking to make a change in your professional or personal life? Do you have a project but are finding it difficult to get it off the drawing board? 

As a Certified Coach, my mission is to help you gain clarity, move forward and feel re-energised. Together, we will translate your ideas and wishes into achievable goals and work towards reaching them.

I am an ICF certified coach, with a background as a lawyer in mediation and alternative dispute resolution. 


Over the last 20 years, I have lived and worked in Europe, the US and Asia . I have grown as a person and as a professional through these different experiences, and I am no stranger to the challenges of transition and adaptation! 



Pauline Howard



My coaching journey began 7 years ago in Japan, where I worked for a Lifeline offering support to callers on a wide variety of concerns.  Today, I coach clients from diverse backgrounds in French or in English. I thrive on providing them with a safe space to share and overcome their issues, make changes to their lives or implement their projects.


I help my clients structure their thoughts in order to gain clarity and a sense of control.  My approach marries a sensitive and open ear with a practical and goal-oriented mindset!

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My coaching takes the whole person into account reflecting my belief that all areas of life are interconnected. Building a relationship based on trust and a sense of security, we work together hand in hand to help you overcome personal or professional challenges and make concrete progress. Contact me to start your journey today.

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Get more out of Life

You may be going through a transition that is not easy to handle alone, or simply feeling that something is missing. If this is the case, don't hesitate to reach out to start taking control of your life through coaching.


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Guidance & Motivation

Do you have a personal or professional project but need support when it comes to implementation?Get in touch and see how I can help you maintain your motivation, confidence and organisation through the different stages.


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Follow your own path

If you are facing stress or time management issues at work, are looking to achieve a better work/life balance or are in search of new professional horizons, call now to schedule a session.


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"Pauline coached me over a period of several weeks to help me start a project that I had been thinking about for some time. Moving forward step by step, she helped me to sort through my wants, to define the outlines of my project and to establish a work plan to fulfil my objectives day by day. Thanks to her coaching, I have gained confidence and methodology. She practices a gentle coaching that helped me move forward in a concrete way. I can only recommend her as her help has been essential to me."

Clémentine de Beaupuy


"Pauline has an engaging personality, is very lively and made me feel safe and at ease as I could tell she is non-judgmental.

She has great listening skills and she inspired me to work on my own as well. The coaching sessions were definetely a transformative experience, addressing personal challenges and looking at my professional life. There was homework between sessions and I knew she was always available if I needed to talk to her through difficult moments.  

I definetely see clearer now and always remind myself that this coaching experience was the best thing that happened to me that year."



¨I consulted Pauline in connection with a difficult career decision. Pauline immediately impressed me with her analytical clarity.  She helped me break the problem down into a set of critical elements and organize a decision-making process.  She listened carefully and understood everything quickly.  In view of the highly technical and specialized nature of the fields involved, this was no small feat.  


In addition to her analytical prowess and ability to synthesize, Pauline was warm and understanding.  I did not feel at all uncomfortable sharing fears and anxieties related to this major career decision.


I would highly recommend Pauline to anybody confronting a major career challenge and seeking a fresh, clarifying and sympathetic perspective.¨ 



¨Pauline has been coaching me on a regular basis for the last year.  I took the decision to enlist a coach as I wanted to make changes in my life and I recognised that the help of a coach would beneficial in supporting this.  However, I did not anticipate the huge challenges that 2020 would present on top of this.  COVID obviously impacted everybody in a huge way, and in additional my company went through a major re-structure, I moved house and, inspired by Pauline, I also took on the commitment to train to become a qualified coach myself.   Throughout all this Pauline has provided outstanding support and I can honestly say that this impact of her coaching has been life changing.  Pauline is incredibly patient and has an acute ability to understand the meaning of what is being said. She also has an awareness of when to dive deeper or when to park issues.  This has enabled us to develop a level of rapport where I am now comfortable discussing all aspects of my life with her.  I would highly recommend her and am personally looking forward to continuing my own journey with her!¨

Jamie Wallace.

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“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare

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